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Potential Use
RISE Project Presentation Porto 2007  
RISE13 Data Harmonisation Requirements Report V1.0 Can serve as a basis for future studies of harmonisation requirements and to obtain an overview of all GMES projects and relevant FP 6 projects.
The main RISE output and expected to be relevant to many future harmonisation activities.
RISE17 Services Architecture Outline V1.0 Provides an example of how to define the service architecture for systems providing harmonised data.

RISE18 Use Case Document V1.5

RISE 18 Annex

A real world example of how a use case dealing with harmonisation issues can be structured and analysed.

RISE23 Conceptual Schema in UML V1.1

RISE 23 Annex Matching Table

RISE 23 Annex UML Application Schema

A real world example of how a harmonising process can be implemented with UML and how application schema can be used to support the harmonisation process.
RISE25 Data Product Specifications V1.0. An example of the structure and content of harmonised data product specifications.
RISE30 Cost Benefit Report V1.1. A guidance both for the EC, Member States, various national and regional/local organisations and other harmonisation initiatives when carrying out a CBA for their harmonisation activities.
RISE34 Exploitation Guidelines V1.1. Identifies “what’s-in-it-for-me” for each stakeholder category and could thus assist in promoting data harmonisation activities

RISE36 Testing System Report. V1.0.

RISE 36 Annex

An example on how testing of harmonised data specifications can be performed in a service orientated architecture; and illustrates how harmonised data products could be generated “on-the-fly” and making use of automatic schema translation.

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