The EuroRoadS project began in March 2004 and was completed in August 2006.EuroRoadS

There is a clear need for a standardised, seamless, updated and quality assured digital road data infrastructure for Europe as a basis for further development within the areas of intelligent transport systems, mobility management, traffic management, road maintenance, traffic safety, environment and society planning and many other areas. EuroRoadS is a project intended to lay the ground for the creation of such an infrastructure.

The main objective of the project is to build a platform for a European road data solution through a specification framework consisting of a road data structure, description of data content, data exchange mechanisms and interoperability specifications. The framework will be built on identified user requirements and tested through a prototype. A service provider will show that the dataset can be used in an application or product. Finally the project will give long term recommendations for implementation and exploitation aiming to support a rapid establishment of a harmonised road data solution and stimulate widespread use of road data.

The project consortium handed in an application for the EuroRoadS project within the eContent programme in March 2003. The submission was favourably reviewed by the independent experts in charge of the technical assessment of the proposals submitted in response to the actual eContent call and the Commission has invited contract negotiations. These are intended to be finalised in September or October 2003.

The consortium relies accordingly on both public sector agencies and private sector companies. It consists of the following organisations:

  1. Lantmäteriet (Sweden) , overall Project Management
  2. Ordnance Survey (United Kingdom)
  3. Vägverket (Sweden)
  4. Government of Bavaria represented by the Board of Building and public works, Bavarian Ministry of Interior (Germany)
  5. Institut Géographique National (France)
  6. Institut für Anwendungen der Geodäsie im Bauwesen (Germany)
  7. Bundesamt für Eich und Vermessungswesen (Austria)
  8. ERTICO (Belgium)
  9. EuroGeographics (France)
  10. Planung Transport Verkehr AG (Germany)

You can get further information on the EuroRoadS website.