Public Briefings

INSPIRE KEN organised a number of workshops and contributed to events making presentations, please refer to the Public Meetings section for more details.


Webinar "UN-GGIM, what it is about", 13th December 2016

You might wonder what is UN-GGIM about , what is the interest of this new initiative, how is it organized, how does it relate to INSPIRE , what is the role of NMCAs and of EuroGeographics…. All those questions were addressed at the webinar. The presentations:
- an overview of UN-GGIM and UN-GGIM: Europe by Carol Agius (EuroGeographics) and the presentations of the two Working Groups of UN-GGIM: Europe:
- WG A on core data : François Chirié + Dominique Laurent (IGN France)
- WG B on data integration : Markus Jobst (BEV, Austria)

The record of the webinar (youtube).


Webinar "How to make INSPIRE useful", 7th December 2015

The webinar was arranged targeting the following: how to benefit from INSPIRE and where  are we within the implementation? Are there any good use cases? How can INSPIRE be seen as a core part of the national e-government/infrastructure? The webinar was attended by 81 participants.