Public meetings

International Workshop on Improving the Usability of Geospatial Data, Southampton 14 June 2017

A one day international workshop aimed at bringing together producers, users and academics to examine how to better communicate quality of geospatial information. Further information and presentations can be found here.


International Workshop on Spatial Data and Map Quality, Malta 20 – 21 January 2015

A two-day international workshop aimed at providing innovative and original contribution to the ongoing debate on spatial data and map quality issues. Presentations can be found here.


INSPIRE data quality and metadata workshop – Krakow, 22 June 2010

Organized by JRC

Minutes pdf, 73 KB
Discussion paper pdf, 165 KB

Q-KEN - GEOIDE joint workshop on geospatial quality issues – Brussels, 5–7 May 2010

The last day of the Q-KEN Spring 2010 Plenary meeting was a joint meeting between the Q-KEN and the GEOIDE Project IV - 23.

Q-KEN & GEOIDE Joint Meeting

Introduction to GEOIDE Project (Marc Gervais) pptx, 6 MB
Digital Geospatial Public Domain (Armelle Verdier-Maillot) ppt, 3.6 MB
The Québec cadastre and its dead angles (Nathalie Massé) ppt, 3.7 MB
ESDIN: Quality (Antti Jakobsson) ppt, 7.5 MB
Legal issues: Aeronautical information management (Pascale Cloutier) pptx, 3.3 MB
Spatial data quality and cilil aviation (Guillaume Pomerleau) pdf, 3.5 MB
Volunteered geographic information and spatial data quality visualization in Virtual Globes (Krista Jones & Rodolphe Devillers) pptx, 8 MB
Metadata challenges: providing stronger assessments of data quality (Lex J Comber) pptx, 2.5 MB
Certification of spatial data: principles and fundamental concepts (Mamane Nouri Sabo) pptx, 1.8 MB