Public Meetings

PosKEN Communication workshop in Brussels, 26-27 April 2018

The PosKEN Communication workshop will brief geodesy and GNSS experts from NMCAs on the European activities related to positioning, and discuss common trends and opportunities for a collaboration amongst key players in Europe.

EuroGeographics encourages NMCAs representatives and representatives from EUREF, UNGGIM GGRF, GSA, FIG Commission V, EuroSDR, GSA and other key partners to maintain a comprehensive picture of the relevant positioning and geodetic projects and initiatives in Europe. This will be an opportunity to share experience, best practice from NMCAs on national achievements in geodesy, GNSS, metrology and other interesting affairs.

The workshop will be co-chaired by Hansjoerg Kutterer (Director General of BKG, Germany, Member of EueoGeographics Management Board) and Mick Cory (EuroGeographics Secretary General and Executive Director).

Dates: The workshop commences at 13:00, 26th April and ends at 12:30, 27th April 2018.

Venue: National Geographic Institute of Belgium. Address: Abbaye de la Cambre 13, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.
Simultaneous webinar will be arranged for those, that will not be able to come in person.

The workshop description and draft agenda (v.6, updated 23rd April 2018).

Presentations: potential presenters are kindly asked to communicate the draft titles of the presentations to Saulius Urbanas.  NMCAs representatives are pleased to give a brief update (about 10 min) on main national achievements in geodesy and GNSS related activities in 2016-2018.

Registration:  the online registration is completed

The list of registered individuals (by 25th April 2018)


In case of any questions please contact: Saulius Urbanas (ph. +370 698 42812, email)


3rd PosKEN meeting in Prague










The third PosKEN meeting was organised in the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre in Prague, Czech Republic at 15-16 November 2016. The meeting was alligned to the annual EUPOS meeting. The following objectives addressed in the meeting:

  • Brief on national developments in GNSS and geodesy related activities;
  • Observe issues and opportunities applying GALILEO;
  • Discuss the scope of PosKEN and the workplan for 2017.

Agenda, Participants' list

Draft minutes (v2)




2nd PosKEN meeting in Zagreb

The second PosKEN meeting was organised in State Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatia in Zagreb, 24-25 November 2015.

The meeting was focusing on following objectives:

  • Brief on national developments in GNSS  and geodesy related activities;
  • Observe perspectives and issues applying GALILEO;
  • Discuss pan-European demands on delivering of positioning services;
  • Discuss and agree PosKEN workplan for 2016