CLRKEN Documents

Documents and reports that have been published by the CLRKEN:


Jun. 2017 Land Administration and Land Management in the Information Age Report of WPLA/CLRKEN Joint Conference in Lausanne, 21 April 2017 (3.4 MB).
Nov. 2016 The Role of Cadastre and Land Registration in the Interaction with its Partners Report of Joint Conference CLRKEN, PCC, EULIS, Bratislava, 17-18 Nov. 2016 (1.5 MB).
Dec. 2015 Documentation of «Public-Law Restrictions» - Results of the questionnaire in preparation for the CLRKEN Workshopin Nov. 2015 (0.4 MB).
Nov. 2012 2013 Cadastre and Land Registry vision. Common vision for cooperation on Cadastre and Land Registry issues for EuroGeographics, PCC, ELRA and EULIS (0.5 MB).
2012 Cadastre and Land Registration in Europe 2012. Vision 2012 document - Report by EuroGeographics (0.6 MB).
Jan. 2011 Cadastre iNSPIREd!-Ci! The benefits of Cadastral Information for themes in INSPIRE Annexes II and III, Joint PCC and EuroGeographics working group (3.1 MB).
Jul. 2010 Cadastres and Land Registries Source of Information Round 2 - description of current situation in member organisations (0.9 MB).
Apr. 2010 Impact of EU Legislation on Cadastral Surveying - in cooperation with CLGE (0.6 MB).
Jun. 2008 European requirements for cadastral surveyor activities - in cooperation with CLGE and Geometer Europas (0.8 MB).
Mar. 2008 Cadastre and Land Registry Information Resource:
- Report: Report (0.5 MB)
- Annex A: Questionnaire (0.1 MB)
- Annex B: List of respondents (0.1 MB)
- Completed questionnaire (22 summarised responses) (0.1 MB)
- Additional Response: Lithuania
Aug. 2007 The cadastral parcel in NSDI's and in INSPIRE (Final Report, 1.8 MB) Completed questionnaire 1:
-Part 1: Austria Belgium Croatia Czech Rep France Germany Greece
- Part 2: England/Wales Finland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
- Part 3: Malta Netherlands Portugal Romania Scotland Slovakia Slovenia
- Part 4: Spain Swiss Norway Iceland Denmark Sweden Estonia Hungary Completed questionnaire 2: 'Use of the cadastral parcel': Austria Belgium Croatia Cyprus Czech Rep Denmark Finland France Germany Italy Lithuania Malta Netherlands Portugal Romania Scotland Slovakia Slovenia Spain Swiss Sweden
Oct. 2007 Cadastre and Land Registration in Europe 2012 Cadastre and Land Registry Group (0.1 MB).
Apr. 2007 - Cross border mortgages: the current situation
- Comments on the Report of the Mortage Funding Expert Group 
- Cross border mortgage credit - Summary on developments in relation to Land Registers and positioning (presentation)

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