QKEN: Quality

The purpose of QKEN is to discuss data quality and quality management issues. We have over 43 active participants from 25 countries.

Our mission and objectives are to:

  • establish a network of data quality experts;
  • support EuroGeographics policy towards European data interoperability;
  • share knowledge amongst members; and
  • promote experiences on quality.

Quality KEN in Athens, Greece May 2016

Our 2016 work plan:


  • 31st plenary meeting in Paris, France October 2016
  • 30th plenary meeting Athens, Greece May, 2016


  • Conduct webinars dates & topics to be announced
  • Organise a 2nd workshop on Spatial Data and Map Quality
  • Review of ISO 19100 Guidelines handbook

QKEN is chaired by Jonathan Holmes

Get involved

Please contact Jonathan if you would like more information or would like to contribute to QKEN.

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