Maritime Boundaries

We are looking for someone to lead the next phase of the maritime boundaries part. If you wish to volunteer or have a candidate, please contact SBE project manager Delphine Maréchal

Former Chairman : Brede Gundersen
Statens kartverk (Norway)

The 13th November, a working group " Maritime Boundaries " has been created during the SBE 11th meeting in Paris.


Participants in the working group are NMCA'S and hydrographic agencies: 

Brede Gundersen Statens Kartverk Norway
Pekka Tätilä National Land Survey of Finland, Helsinki. Finland
Thomas Dehling Bundesant für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographic (BSH),                 Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency Germany
Mario Azzopardi Malta Environment & Planning Authority Malta
  FPS Finance - General Administration of Patrimonial Documentation, Brussels. Belgium


A first meeting took place in Brussels on the 22nd - 23rd January 2009.

A second meeting took place in Brussels on the 15th April 2009.


A questionnaire has been sent to 32 EG-Member countries with coastline to the sea.

The report on the analysis of the questionnaire is available in members only.