The project will include the following key activities (work packages):

  1. Identify the business environment and the most common user groups of European road information and analyse their user requirements, in light of the services they use, as for road data structure, road data content, update content and frequency, and needs within the area of data access and data exchange.
  2. Based on the findings of the first step, and analysis of existing standards and solutions within the area, develop a road data specification framework.
  3. Develop a prototype and carry out tests to show that the specification framework can be used as a platform for a European road data solution.
  4. Safeguarding processes for evaluation and quality control of the information chain.
  5. Propose an implementing solution by addressing the supporting structures and mechanisms needed for the implementation of a harmonised European road data solution.
  6. Develop a plan for exploitation in order to support a wide use of the European road data infrastructure and to facilitate services build on it.

In order to carry out these activities, and thereby making it possible to reach the objectives within the allotted budget and on time, the work has been divided into seven work packages. The work of each work package is led by one of the members of the consortium.