Czech Republic

Ceský úrad zememerický a katastrální


National name of organisation Ceský úrad zememerický a katastrální
English spelling of organisation Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre
Member status Full
Responsible ministry / organisation Prime Minister
Number of staff 5,130
Annual budget in million euros 105m euros
Annual sales in million euros 42m euros


Geodetic survey yes
Topographic mapping yes
Cadastre yes
Land registration yes
Military mapping no
Thematic mapping yes
Hydrographic mapping yes
Aerial photography yes
Satellite imagery no


Central government yes
Local government yes
Utilities yes
Commercial yes
Military yes


Direct yes
VARs yes
Map publishers yes

Case Studies

Preparing for major changes in the Czech Republic. Download as pdf (0.1 MB)

Contact details

Head of organisation Karel Vecere
Permanent correspondent Svatava Dokoupilová
Postal address Pod Sidlistem 9
CZ-182 11 Praha 8
Czech Republic
Website address