EuroGeoNames archived project

EuroGeoNames (EGN) combines Geographic Names from the National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies across Europe to create a unique service and data set. 

EuroGeoNames (EGN) started as a successful eContentplus funded project. It is now being implemented by EuroGeographics and its partners for an increasing number of countries in Europe.

17 countries are now connected to EuroGeoNames.

The service was sucessfully reorganised thanks to Finnish Geodetic Institute to the cloude based web interface. The new EuroGeoNames service provides new features as:

  • OGC standartised Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)
  • access to EGN content in Java Script Object Notation (JSON) format
  • support for KML-encoded output. In addition the service can be accessed directly from a network link that could be visualised in the Google Earth
  • Output of EGN Central Service is available as Core Location Vocabulary (CvL) via the Web Feature Service (WFS), or the Gazetteer Service AP of WFS, interface

EuroGeoNames database schema

Tables and their attributes of EuroGeoNames database

Your can access the service for free with limitation of 100 queries per day now! Please pay attention to the upper/lower letters typing geographical name or exonim.

See how EGN can be used to unite border crossing features.

EuroGeonames proposes significant benefits in public, private and personal use.  It will enable service providers to unlock the power of location information by providing:

  • Reliable, high quality, comprehensive Geographic names from official sources.
  • Translations for these into 25 languages.
  • A sustainable approach to updates.
  • A service based infrastructure in both collection and delivery.
  • A web interface that allows simple, live search and reference in all languages.
And, because EGN adopts INSPIRE principles, Nations can meet their legal obligations under this legislation simply by linking their data to this service.
The following graphic shows the status of connections for supply of data to EuroGeoNames. It will be updated as more data is connected, so please stay up to date here.



EGN uses a distributed service infrastructure for both collection and delivery of this critical location data. This combination defines a new European Geographhical Names Infrastructure for official and properly maintained geographic data.

EuroGeoNames was the subject of a successful whole days workshop for the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographic Names (UNGEGN) - The event included excellent techniques for connecting to the service (see videos via the link) as well as reporting progress.

Take a look at our online movie to see the results and experience its many applications.

In case of any question related to EGN please contact EGN Project Manager