Progress in ELS transition - webinar

Dates: 12th to 12th March 2018
Venue: webinar
Venue website: ELS transition
This event is a Eurogeographics activity.

INSPIRE KEN is organising a webinar on 'Progress in ELS transition' with the main goal to provide updates about achievements since the end of the ELF project in October 2016.

This webinar will be held on Monday 12 March, from 13.00 to 14.30 CET.

It is targeted to EuroGeographics members, i.e. to National Mapping and Cadastre Authorities.

This webinar is of specific interest for those who have been involved in the ELF project, for those who are  considering to join the ELS Platform and more generally to all those who are curious to get an updated overview of the ELS program that is a key activity of EuroGeographics.

If you are interested, pleas register as soon as possible using this link: