EuroSDR questionnaire on open data

15th March 2017

has been launched. National Mapping Authorities are invited to fill it in.

Since 2009, Open Government Data initiatives have been launched worldwide and the concept of open data is gaining momentum. Open data are often associated with realizing ambitions, such as a more transparent and efficient government, solving societal problems and increased economic value. There has been ample literature describing the (potential) benefits of open data. However, to switch to an open data policy may pose a challenge to the business model of National Mapping Agencies, especially if they are required to generate sufficient revenue to cover a substantial part of their operating costs.

EuroSDR, in cooperation with EuroGeographics, commenced this research to assess the effects of open data policies on the business model of National Mapping Agencies. This includes effects on the way the organisations are able to (re)finance their operational costs and to ensure long-term sustainability of their (open) data. In addition, we would like to assess the future of open data within your organisation and within your country. The questionnaire consists of 16 simple questions. Find more information about it here.

You are invited to complete this questionnaire before April 30, 2017. It should take you about 10 minutes to complete. This is your chance to provide us with your open data experiences, hopes and fears. The outcomes of this questionnaire will be used as an input for a workshop to be held in June 2017 in Delft, the Netherlands.

Thank you very much in advance!