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Less Fashion, more style

12th July 2009

Meet our new intern, Alexandre Viard, who's undertaking work for us at Helsinki University of Technology).

GSDI 11 Friday's Plenary and Parallel sessions

2nd July 2009

Presentations available

Presentations from GSDI 11

24th June 2009

conference workshops on 15 June 2009 available.

EuroGeographics Annual Report

15th June 2009

Another successful year is reported.

Minister visits Landmælingar Íslands

8th June 2009

Iceland's Minister for the Environment visits Landmælingar Íslands to learn about their important work.



Minister visits Landmælingar Íslands

8th June 2009

Iceland's Minister for the Environment visits Landmælingar Íslands

INSPIRE - Invitation information meeting

27th January 2009

Invitation information meeting, on the 3rd February 2009.

The Galileo Geodetic Service Provider project

12th January 2009

The Galileo geodetic Service provider (GSSP) prototype is a project managed by the European GNSS Supervisory Autdority (GSA).


3rd January 2009

New land registry working group established

2nd January 2009
[Summary] On the 12th June EuroGeographics established the land registry working group chaired by Wim Louwman, chief registrar of the Dutch Cadastre and Land Registry Agency, which will focus on land registry related topics in general and hidden titles and charges in particular. The group consists of experts from several of our members and the European Land Registry Association (ELRA).