Business Interoperability – BI KEN

Aim, objectives and mission of the KEN

The Business interoperability knowledge exchange network (BI KEN) was established in 2006. We focus on the business issues EuroGeographics and its members have to face. These include the pricing and licencing of products and services and topics such as open data and sustainable business models. Members of the group also exchange knowledge on the geographic information market, product developments, competitors and potential partners.

The aims of the BI KEN are to:

  • Improve the public perception of the role and value of the National Mapping and Cadastral Authorities (NMCAs)
  • Raise the profile, importance and value of geographic and land information supporting the ambition of the NMCAs to operate at the heart of their national SDIs and the European Location Framework (ELF)
  • Maximise the use of NMCA information within a growing European market and, in the longer term and where appropriate, increase income streams develop and stimulate the market and to develop pan-European products and services in a cost effective and timely manner
  • Stimulate the re-use of NMCA data by private sector companies wishing to ‘add value’ to it
  • Meet the needs of the European Commission for better ‘data sharing’ within initiatives such as INSPIRE
  • To monitor new technology including internet developments and open standards for providing tools to support greater sharing and integration of data

Topics of interest

The main topics of interest for the BIKEN include the following:

  • Supporting the delivery of the Pricing and Licensing activities with the European Location Services transition programme which also includes supporting some Open ELS project tasks
  • Changes to business and funding models
  • Emerging technologies in related fields
  • Open data
  • Education

Work plan

The BIKEN maintains a work plan which is updated annually. 

Upcoming events

Currently there are no events planned.

The group is chaired by Ashley Wright, Ordnance Survey, Great Britain.

Coordinating Committee
Name Organisation and Country
Ashley Wright (chair) Ordnance Survey, Great Britain
Dick Eertink Kadaster, Netherlands
Bobo Tidstrom Lantmateriet, Sweden
Malgorzata Sypula Office of Geodesy and Cartography, Poland
Angela Baker EuroGeographics