8 June 2021

Digital transformation puts access to data at the centre of Rosreestr services

“Rosreestr has continued to support the real estate market in Russia throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Nowadays about 30-35% of applications for registration are received in e-form, while the share of e-mortgages has grown to almost 40%. This is four times as many as at the beginning of the year.”

Oleg Skufinskiy, Head of Rosreestr, Russia

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rosreestr continued providing real property registration and cadastral services on a daily basis. In the meantime, it also needed to meet user requirements and demand for electronic services, which nearly doubled.

Rosreestr has fully completed the transition to the Unified State Register of Real Property (EGRN) in all regions of Russia. It was a complex engineering process, which included data migration and work-flow adjustment with multifunctional centres of public services and notaries.

Every day EGRN receives up to 120,000 applications for state registration of rights and/or cadastral registration, as well as 500,000 requests for information. In addition, 200,000 new data records are put in the system on a daily basis. However high demand for information e-services increases the risk of misuse of EGRN data by illegal intermediaries. Last year, Rosreestr implemented efforts to crack down on spoof websites and managed to reduce their number by more than 40%. Moreover, Rosreestr initiated necessary amendments to the legislation to prevent further misuse.

In December 2020, Rosreestr approved Departmental digital transformation programme to continue further electronic services development and data quality improvement.


  • Development of a single data marketplace, which will provide the data from the main information systems of Rosreestr to external information systems in online mode (e.g. to the State Unified Portal of Public Services).
  • Transfers provision of up to 96% services online.
  • Development of new customer services to speed up cadastral work, registration of mortgage transactions and real estate market analysis.

Together with the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Rosreestr has launched an initiative to create a single information resource about land and real property. The purpose is to integrate information systems about land and real property from several federal agencies, State Space Corporation ‘Roscosmos’ and regional authorities. In addition, Rosreestr continues to create a Unified Digital Cartographic Framework of Russia, which is a systematised network of spatial data produced as digital topographic maps (plans) and digital orthophotomaps of different scales.      

By focussing on customer needs and analysing feedback, Rosreestr is committed to increasing customer satisfaction with the quality of its services. In 2020, it has strengthened interaction with credit institutions, developers, notaries and cadastral engineers. For example, ‘e-mortgage in one day’ initiative was carried out in three pilot regions (Novosibirsk Region, the Republic of Udmurtia, Novgorod Region) in cooperation with banks.