2018 Extraordinary General Assembly and member workshops

Representatives from 34 member organisations participated in EuroGeographics 2018 Extraordinary General Assembly, held in Leuven, Belgium.  As well as launching a new logo and branding, the two-day[…]

17 May 2018

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Open Data and European Location Services, Digital Single Market

Come and discuss the topics and issues related to Open European Location Services (ELS), Open Data Policy and Licensing workshop on 22 March 2018 in Brussels. Meeting will provide an opportunity to[…]

16 Mar 2018

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Come and Learn About Use of Algorithms on Big DEMs

EuroSDR invites you to a workshop discussing: “Use of algorithms on big DEMs – Better utilization of national detailed elevation models” The workshop will be arranged on 4th-5th April 2018 as[…]

01 Mar 2018

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Open ELS Products & Services workshop

A successful OpenELS Products & Services workshop was held on 16–17th January in Edinburgh, supported by kind hosts Registers of Scotland. The workshop was attended by task leaders and others[…]

18 Jan 2018

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European Location Services Transition Updates

EuroGeographics INSPIRE KEN is organising a webinar – ‘Progress in ELS transition’ – with the main goal to update you on outcomes and achievements since the end of the ELF project in October[…]

05 Jan 2018

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