About the Organisation

EuroGeographics represents the European National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities. By providing a single point of contact, we enable government, business and citizens to benefit from their collective expertise, products and services.  Subscribe to our RSS feed.

Our members

Our members are the National Mapping, Cadastre & Land Registry Authorities in Europe; they provide a range of products & services and expertise which supports navigation, emergency response, a reliable & secure land and property market and many more government and business decisions and services.

Knowledge Exchange Networks
Our members place tremendous value on collaboration, finding solutions to common challenges. This willingness to share experiences and good practice is central to our Knowledge Exchange Networks which provide an open forum for discussing issues of mutual interest.
What our members do

By simplifying access to their data, our members are driving applications to realise social, economic and environmental benefits as well as quicker, more efficient and reliable land registration. One example of what our members do is here.

European initiatives

We participate in European and international programmes by contributing to policy and legislative development in areas where our members have a track record of success.




Products & Services

We provide four pan-European datasets compiled from members’ authoritative national data, including EuroGlobalMap which can be downloaded free of charge. We are helping to develop the European Location Framework to provide one reference geoinformation source for Europe.

Members' Products & Services