The purpose of INSPIRE KEN is to help our members to implement INSPIRE directive.

Aim, objectives and mission of the KEN

Our mission and objectives are to:

  • establish a network of INSPIRE experts;
  • follow the development of the INSPIRE regulations;
  • support EuroGeographics policy towards European data interoperability;
  • share knowledge amongst members; and
  • promote experiences on implementation of the INSPIRE directive among members.

Topics of interest

The main topics and subject area(s) of interest and discussion by the KEN are the following:

  1. Evolution of products due to INSPIRE
  2. Progress in INSPIRE related activities
    • ELF
    • MIG
    • UN-GGIM

Work plan

The INSPIRE KEN maintains a work plan which is updated annually.

Upcoming events

The INSPRE KEN is planning the following activities:

  • 2018
    • June or September (date tbc) Webinar on UN-GGIM
    • September 2018 INSPIRE Conference
    • October 2018 (date tbc) Workshop on “making INSPIRE useful” in partnership with DG ENV and EuroSDR
  • 2019
    • Spring 2019 (tbc) Webinar about download services
    • Spring 2019 (tbc) Workshop about INSPIRE and egovernment

INSPIRE KEN is chaired by Dominique Laurent, IGN France.

Coordinating Committee


Organisation and Country

Dominique Laurent (chair)

IGN France

Morten Borrebæk

Kartverket, Norway

Nathalie Delattre

IGN Belgium

Paloma Abad Power

IGN Spain

Marcin Grudzien

GUGIK, Poland

Saulius Urbanas

EuroGeographics Head Office