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Joint EuroGeographics and EuroSDR Virtual Workshop on Geodata Discoverability


28th April 2022 @ 9:45 am - 5:00 pm CEST

Data discoverability has been identified decades ago as an important stake both by the Spatial data Infrastructure community and by the Web of data community. As more and more data are produced and published online in our societies, this stake is only growing.

This workshop aimed at sharing practical experiences, findings and roadmaps related to the discoverability and accessibility of data with a geographical characteristic, in particular but not limited to data covered by the INSPIRE directive. It was co-organised by EuroSDR Commission 3 and Eurogeographics KEN INSPIRE.

It welcomed presentations representative of the diversity of stakeholders who contribute to the field.

The meeting was organised as a virtual event.

The agenda of the workshop is available here.

Presentation Speakers
Creation of pan-European geospatial datasets – Experiences in real-life Hannes Reuter, EuroStat
The experience of the French open data portal Antonin Garrone, Etalab
Discoverability of open agriculture data Maja Schneider, Technical University of Munich
Geospatial Data on data.europa.eu Antje Kügeler & Jiri Pilar, European Commission
INSPIRE Geoportal – Towards the new EU data ecosystem Jordi Escriu, JRC
GeoNetwork opensource - New developments and plans Jeroen Ticheler, GeoCAT
Geospatial metadata on the (Semantic) Web. Lessons learnt in GeoDCAT-AP Andrea Perego, European Parliament
OGC API features – building blocks to create, modify, and query geospatial vector data on the Web Jari Reini, NLS
Linking Authoritative (Government) data with Community data (e.g. Wikidata) Erwin Folmer, Uni Twente, Kadaster
Beyond SDI? Becoming cloud native? Ed Parsons, Google
ESRI vision: Maximizing discoverability and access in a system-of-systems Jill Saligoe-Simmel, ESRI
Rediscovering Spatial Data Discoverability Jordi Escriu, JRC
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28th April 2022
9:45 am - 5:00 pm CEST