Membership Benefits

Connecting you to European policy, knowledge exchange and users

EuroGeographics is the voice of European National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities.

We aim to deliver value to our members to support better governance for the benefit of society in general by:

Who can join?

Membership of EuroGeographics is open to any national body in geographic Europe responsible for geodetic surveying, topographic mapping, cadastral surveys and land registration. We currently represent 63 organisations from 46 countries, around 90% of the organisations responsible for these activities in Europe.

For more information, please contact Membership and Communications Manager, Patricia Sokacova 

Key membership benefits

  • Worldwide representation by a well-established and credible expert authority on European geospatial information from official national sources.
  • Access to world leading experts through Knowledge Exchange Networks (KEN) and General Assemblies.
  • Continuous policy tracking, evaluation and engagement.
  • Opportunities for exchanging ideas and best practice to help further develop skills and expertise.
  • Help implementing INSPIRE and developing interoperability tools.
  • Promotion via a planned and sustained programme of strategic communication, including a dedicated newsletter and members-only section of the website.
  • Use of our offices in Brussels


As a well-established and credible expert authority on European geospatial data, EuroGeographics provides a strong, independent voice for its members. We are a passionate advocate for European geospatial data from official sources, demonstrating its benefits to national governments, as well as internationally.

We are committed to representing your interests in the European institutions to ensure that your roles, capabilities and concerns are understood. In this way, we contribute to policy and legislation on your behalf in the European Parliament and Commission. Our weekly policy news summary for members, keeps you up to date with policy via our continuous tracking, evaluation and engagement programme.

In addition, we promote your expertise globally and represent your interests in the development of UN policy through our active contribution to the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management initiative (UN-GGIM).

Knowledge Exchange

EuroGeographics members place tremendous value on collaborating to find solutions to common challenges and to build capacity.

We provide an open forum for sharing knowledge, experiences and best practice through an extensive programme of events, including an annual meeting of NMCA heads. Our Knowledge Exchange Network focuses on specific areas of interest, enabling the development and expansion of skills and expertise. We also pursue joint activities with relevant associations and partners to bring greater opportunities for continual professional development.

Products and Services

EuroGeographics is committed to promoting and facilitating access to your data and expertise through our portfolio of European products and services. We do this by delivering your data and related services to the European Commission through our agreement with Eurostat. Our open data is designed to introduce users to the benefits of harmonised European geospatial data created from official national sources.

Working in partnership

EuroGeographics works in partnership with organisations whose activities complement those of our members. This includes: Undertaking joint projects that help to develop national spatial data infrastructures, international collaborations with EuroSDR, PCC, Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and others; and working to secure the long-term future of geospatial information from official national sources through European Location Services.