Permanent Correspondents

Each member of EuroGeographics appoints a Permanent Correspondent as the main point of contact with the Association's Head Office. They can ask us for information, help or support at any time, in particular when external support from a membership association may be required. For more information, please contact our Membership and Communications Manager, Patricia Sokacova

Permanent Correspondents act as the ears, eyes and voice of their member organisation and are responsible for ensuring that as many of their colleagues as possible are able to benefit from EuroGeographics membership. They are well informed about the activities of their organisation, have good communication skills and are proficient in English. 

Their role includes:
  • Passing on information such as emails and invitations to events to their colleagues, as well as promoting the Members Newsletter through their organisation's internal communications channels.
  • Encouraging colleagues to participate in our Knowledge Exchange activities to enable continuous professional development and capacity building within the member organisation.
  • Updating EuroGeographics about any organisational change such as a new Head of organisation or a new address.
  • Informing EuroGeographics of any  news, achievements or progress in their organisation that they would like to promote through the membership network or to external stakeholders. 
  • Coordinating responses to questionnaires or surveys from EuroGeographics.
  • Working in partnership with EuroGeographics Head Office Team works. For example, when organising and arranging knowledge exchange activities and events, planning and preparations for General Assemblies, when compiling the EuroGeographics Annual Review, or when arranging collaborative events with our partner organisations, such as the PCC and EuroSDR.