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Geospatial, mapping, land information and cadastral experts

EuroGeographics is fortunate to count a wealth of experts in geospatial, cadastre and land information among its membership. These include our Management Board, Secretary General and Executive Director and the Chairs of our Knowledge Exchange Networks.

We can help you to access a number of professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and insight in a wide range of subjects. These include policy, European initiatives, surveying, data quality, positioning (GNSS) and pricing and licensing, as well as the future challenges and opportunities for National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities.

Ingrid Vanden Berghe

Ingrid Vanden Berghe

President of EuroGeographics

Areas of interest:

  • Future roles for National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities.
  • Political and policy benefits of harmonised European data and data services from official national sources.
  • Digital transformation in geo-information organisations

Ingrid Vanden Berghe is the General Administrator at the National Geographic Institute, Belgium. She was first elected President of EuroGeographics at its 2011 General Assembly and was re-elected for a further two years in both 2014 and 2016.

Ingrid started her professional career as a scientist at Belgium’s Leuven University and in 1989 entered public service as an agricultural engineer for the Department of Land Use Development in the Flemish Region. Here she helped to implement the European directive on environmental impact studies and contributed to the integration of a geographical information system (GIS).

Secondments to a number of Belgian ministers’ staff followed, in a role as advisor on land management, nature and forest Pprotection, land use planning, urban development and implementation of the Nitrates Directive in Flanders. In 1996, she was appointed Director of the research centre of the Christian Democrat parties and also served as first advisor to the party’s President.

She is a member of the board of several research organizations in Belgium and The Netherlands and is a part-time lecturer at the KULeuven. She chairs the strategic board of the g-cloud, an initiative to create IT synergy between governmental agencies at federal level in Belgium.

Ingrid speaks Dutch, French, English, German.

Mick Cory

Mick Cory

Secretary General and Executive Director, EuroGeographics

Areas of interest:

  • Geospatial map, land and geospatial information from official national sources in the age of Big Data and Internet of Things.
  • Realising the value of geospatial map, land and geospatial information from official national sources for the public good.

Mick Cory was appointed Secretary General and Executive Director of EuroGeographics in 2015.

Mick is a Fulbright Scholar, holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Company Direction and a Masters (MPhil) in Land and Geographic Information Systems. He has extensive expertise in leadership, surveying, mapping and GIS following assignments in Africa, the Middle East and all three Ordnance Surveys of Britain and Ireland. In addition, he has advised Ministers, the Boundary Commission in Northern Ireland, government departments and academic institutions, and has been active in developing professional institutions in the UK and Ireland. 

As Chief Executive of Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, he led the development of Northern Ireland’s geographic information strategy. Mick also established and chaired the UK Location User Group and, as a member of the Open Data User Group, advised the UK Government on achieving the greatest economic and social return from the release of public sector open data.

Between 2005 and 2014, Mick was Director of the Sports, Museums and Recreation Division of Northern Ireland’s Executive Department of Culture Arts and Leisure. Here he had responsibility for Sport, Museums, Libraries and inland fisheries, including representing Northern Ireland on the London Organising Committee for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

Mick speaks English, French and Spanish.

Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan Holmes

Chair of Quality Knowledge Exchange Network

Area of interest:

  • Quality as the ‘calling card’ of National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities.

Data quality expert, Jonathan Holmes is Chair of EuroGeographics Quality Knowledge Exchange Network.

Jonathan is Corporate Data Manager at Ordnance Survey, He joined Britain’s Mapping Agency in 1986 as a surveyor and, following roles in IT and Information Management, began working with data and data quality in 2001.

As Chair of the Quality Knowledge Exchange Network, Jonathan leads a European network of data quality experts who share best practice and exchange experiences to support data interoperability.

The expert group is particularly interested in the challenges associated with an increased use of technology and its impact on quality systems. Tracking and sharing information about these is a key focus for its members.

Jonathan is an English speaker.

Dominik Kopczewski

Dominik Kopczewski

Chair of the Policy Knowledge Exchange Network

Area of interest:

  • Implications of Digital Single Market for National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities, in particular copyright reform, Database Directive and the Reuse of Public Sector Information.

EuroGeographics Policy Development Manager, Dominik Kopczewski Chairs the Policy Knowledge Exchange Network. He has extensive experience in a wealth of international and regional issues, including UN-GGIM and Open Data.

The Policy Knowledge Exchange Network and its specialist working groups gather and share information relating to European and global policy developments. In particular, they track, evaluate and constructively participate in European initiatives, programmes and policies. These include the Digital Single Market, Reuse of Public Sector Information and the Database Directive.

Dominik speaks Polish, Russian and English.

Dominique Laurent

Dominique Laurent

Chair of the INSPIRE Knowledge Exchange Network

Area of interest:

  • Implementation of INSPIRE by National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities.

Dominique Laurent from National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN), France chairs EuroGeographics INSPIRE Knowledge Exchange Network.

Dominique is technical coordinator of UN-GGIM: Europe’s working group on core data. She has been involved in the INSPIRE Directive for more than a decade, first as a member of the Drafting Team for Data Specifications and then as facilitator of Thematic Working Groups on Cadastral Parcels and Buildings. In addition, Dominique has contributed to many INSPIRE-related projects such as ESDIN, Humboldt and the European Location Framework.

The purpose of the INSPIRE Knowledge Exchange Network is to help members to implement the Directive by following the development of the regulations, establishing a network of INSPIRE experts and sharing experiences and best practice.

Dominique speaks French and English.

Anders Sandin

Anders Sandin

Chair of Copernicus Knowledge Exchange Network

Area of interest:

  • Use of geospatial information from official national sources for emergency mapping.

Anders is CIO and Director at the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority. He has extensive experience in ICT and marketing management with a particular emphasis on change management and optimisation. 

As Chair of the Copernicus Knowledge Exchange Network, his focus in on enhancing coordination and communication between EuroGeographics and the European Environment Agency (EEA). The aim is to facilitate access to authoritative geospatial in situ reference data for use in activities initiated by EEA and the European Commission’s flagship initiative for earth observation and monitoring, Copernicus. The Network is also evaluating the Copernicus services’ requirements for geospatial data to identify data gaps and propose solutions.

Anders speaks Swedish and English.

Daniel Steudler

Daniel Steudler

Chair of Cadastre and Land Registry Knowledge Exchange Network

Areas of interest:

  • Economic and social benefits of integrating land information.
  • Impact of disruptive and digital technologies on land administration and management.

Cadastral Surveying expert Dr Daniel Steudler is Chair of EuroGeographics Cadastre and Land Registry Knowledge Exchange Network.

Daniel, who holds a PhD degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia, is a scientific associate at the Swiss Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo), working for the Federal Directorate for Cadastral Surveying. As an active member and since 2017 also Honorary Member of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), he is well known as a conference speaker whose work has been widely published.

Daniel leads the Association’s collaboration with the EU Permanent Committee on Cadastre (PCC), the European Land Registry Association (ELRA), the European Land Information Service (EULIS) and the Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE) to establish a common vision for cooperation on cadastre and land registry.

Daniel speaks German, English, and French.

Ashley Wright

Chair of Business Interoperability Knowledge Exchange Network

Area of interest:

  • Open data, pricing, licensing and sustainable business models for National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities.

Ashley Wright Chairs EuroGeographics Business Interoperability Knowledge Exchange Network.

Ashley is a Pricing & Licensing Consultant at Ordnance Survey where he has been part of the pricing and licensing team for the past nine years. Working with both the public and commercial sectors, he has extensive experience in derived data, collective agreements, service, project and programme management. He holds the CPP designation as an accredited member of the Professional Pricing Society.

The Business Interoperability Knowledge Exchange Network was established in 2006. It focuses on issues such as pricing and licensing for products and services, open data and sustainable business models, as well as supporting EuroGeographics project activities for European Location Services. Members also exchange knowledge on the geographic information market, product developments, competitors and potential partners.

Ashley is an English speaker.

Saulius Urbanas

Saulius Urbanas

Facilitator, Positioning and State Boundaries of Europe Knowledge Exchange Networks

Areas of interest:

  • The European Positioning System, GNSS and the use of ETRS89.
  • The Struve Geodetic Arc.

EuroGeographics Services Development Consultant, Dr Saulius Urbanas facilitates the Association’s Positioning and State Boundaries of Europe Knowledge Exchange Networks.

He has more than 20 years technical and management experience in the fields of geodesy, GIS/CAD, spatial data infrastructure, real estate cadastre and remote sensing. Saulius is Secretary General of the International Coordinating Committee of Struve Geodetic Arc and has held senior positions in both the private and public sectors, including Director of the Geodesy and Cartography Department at the National Land Service of Lithuania and national contact point for INSPIRE.

Comprising CLGE, EUPOS, EUREF and EuroGeographics, the Positioning Knowledge Exchange Network provides a forum for discussion and chairing information.

The State Boundaries of Europe Knowledge Exchange Network aims to deliver boundary-related information from harmonised cross-border national spatial data.

Saulius speaks Lithuanian, Russian and English.

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