Public Policy Briefings

EuroGeographics provides positive contributions to those areas of policy development where we, and our members, have a track record, significant expertise and a legitimate interest.

We continue to be registered on the EU Transparency Register and are bound by its code of conduct.

Our current main policy areas of interest within the European Union are:

  • The Digital Single Market
  • The European Spatial Data Infrastructure (INSPIRE)
  • European Earth Observation Programme (Copernicus)
  • Cadastral issues related to policy, such as the eJustice portal
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Title Date Size/type
EuroGeographics Information Paper on Recasting of PSI June 2018 171 kb PDF
Review of the Directive on re-use of public sector information December 2017 473 kb, PDF
Evaluation of the Database Directive 96/9/EC August 2017 650 kb, PDF
A single source of dependable geospatial information for Europe – The European Location Framework April 2015 268 kb, PDF
Digital Single Market Strategy-the importance of dependable geospatial information V 1.0 April 2015 280 kb, PDF
EuroGeographics Response to the Commission consultative survey November 2013 339 kb, PDF
Proposal for a Regulation establishing the Copernicus Program July 2013 339 kb, PDF
Proposal to amend the Directive on re-use of public sector information June 2012 171 kb, PDF
Review of the Directive on reuse of public sector information January 2011 71 kb, PDF
Developing the contribution of geographic information to the Digital Agenda January 2011 654 kb, PDF
Quality Information for Digital Agenda 2011 June 2011 446 kb, PDF
GMES Position Paper May 2011 190 kb, PDF
Research and innovation June 2011 214 kb, PDF