Policy – PolKEN

The Policy Knowledge Exchange Network gathers and shares information relating to European and global policy developments. Representatives and experts from our members track, evaluate and constructively participate in European initiatives, programmes and policies within the sphere of our purpose and expertise.

The Policy Knowledge Exchange Network and its specialist working groups are a central pillar of our EU Affairs and Representation Strategy which in turn is essential in the delivery of the Vision and purpose of the EuroGeographics association.

Topics of interest

The main topics and subject area(s) of interest and discussion by the KEN are:

  1. Following developments and activities within key areas of interest:
  • Copernicus
    • CLC
    • Use of crowdsourced data
    • OSM
  • Digital Single Market
    • PSI and Open Data
    • GDPR
  • Cadastre related policy issues
    • Coordination with PCC
  • Coordination with INSPIRE MIG-P activities
  1. Monitoring and participation in the EC public consultation process regarding key areas of interest https://ec.europa.eu/info/consultations_en
  2. Monitoring and engaging policy topics relevant for stimulation of cooperation, development and capacity buildings of EG members through activities facilitating transfer of knowledge and expertise, joint project and searching for financing opportunities.
  3. Following developments in the EG member states.

Upcoming events

PolKEN is planning the following activities for the next few months:

  • 2020
    • New PolKEN one day meeting in EGHO   – 11 February 2020.

The group is chaired by Mick Cory, EuroGeographics Secretary General and Executive Director.

Coordinating Committee
Name Organisation and Country
Mick Cory (chair) EuroGeographics
Amalia Velasco General Directorate for the Cadastre, Spain
Task Force Leader for Cadastral issues related to policy
 Marjana Zelic EuroGeographics