Head Office

Our Head Office can be contacted on +32 2 888 71 93

You can find our address details on the Contact page.


Sallie Payne Snell, Secretary General and Executive Director of EuroGeographics

Sallie Payne Snell

Secretary General and Executive Director

Sallie leads the EuroGeographics Head Office team and reports to the Management Board. She champions our members’ data, services and expertise by building constructive partnerships with European and global stakeholders.

Sallie is also responsible for internal management and operational delivery, as well as coordinating membership and communications activities, and the Association’s events programme, which includes the General Assembly.


Carol Agius

Head of Representation and Stakeholder Engagement

Carol leads EuroGeographics representation activies and stakeholder engagement, including the extensive knowledge exchange programme. She also provides the Secretariat to UN-GGIM: Europe, promoting its activities and ensuring that relevant organisations are well informed about the initiative.


Angela Baker

Head of Partnerships and Sustainability

Angela is responsible for data strategy and ensuring the EuroGeographics vision to facilitate access to members’ data continues to be realised in a way that ensures long-term sustainability.


Alina Talipova

Head of Corporate Services

Alina oversees the finance, administration, HR, and IT functions at Eurogeographics. Additionally, she ensures that the association adheres to Belgian legal requirements.


Victoria Persson

Project Manager – Data Access and Integration

Victoria is responsible for the delivery of our data activities, with a focus on our European-funded project Open Maps for Europe. She is also responsible for the coordination of the production, licensing and user management of EuroGeographics’ pan-European products.


Matina Fuentes

Senior Project Coordinator

Matina is responsible for delivering tasks within EU-funded projects and executing high level administrative actions related to EU-funded projects.


Patricia Sokacova

Membership and Communications Manager

Patricia is the first point of contact and support for our members. She ensures they are kept up to date with our activities and helps to promote their expertise at exhibitions and events.


Marjana Zelic

Senior Research and Policy Officer

Marjana researches topics of interest to our members and monitors policy news from the EU Institutions to ensure they are kept up to date with developments.


Rhian French

Public Relations Consultant

Rhian is Director of Maps and Legends PR in Estonia and our contact for PR and the press. She provides strategic PR advice and practical support for communications, including traditional and social media.


Giuseppe Novella

Communication and Representation Officer

Giuseppe is responsible for our social media and contributes to our communications to both members and external stakeholders. He also provides support to the Secretariat to UN-GGIM: Europe and for our representation activities.


Finance, Compliance and Office Management

Oliwia Marszalek


Oliwia is involved with webinars, the production and dissemination of EuroGeographics datasets, and assists with the Open Maps For Europe (OME2) project, which is co-funded by the European Union.