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INSPIRE 2018 – Make It Work Together


18th September 2018 - 21st September 2018

EuroGeographics and Members at INSPIRE 2018

Tuesday 18 September

National approaches and strategy, Room Okapi 2
15:15: Antonio Arozarena: Current Needs of Geospatial Reference Information (GRI) in Public Policies. National, Continental and Global approach (bottom - up)

Other applications, Room Gorilla 1
15:15: Marcin Grudzień: CAPAP – a way to make spatial information more popular

Wednesday 19 September

Merging statistics and geospatial information – Doing it together , Room Gorilla 1
16:00: Pier-giorgio Zaccheddu: UN-GGIM: Europe – the combination of geospatial data with statistical data for SDG indicator under a geospatial lens
16:15: Dominique Laurent: Core geographic data designed to fulfil the requirements of the statistical community

Thursday 20 September

National approaches and strategies, Room Gorilla 1
14:15: Nathalie Delattre: The Belgian federal geo - platform , INSPIRE and environmental approaches
14:45: Eydís Líndal Finnbogadótti: How do you implement INSPIRE with 4 people

Best practice – validation, Room Okapi 1
17:00: Dominique Laurent: Validation of INSPIRE data
17:15: Nathalie Delattre: The Belgian federal geo - platform , creating INSPIRE datasets , options and lessons learnt

Friday 21 September

Fitness for purpose, Room Okapi 2
09.30: Maria Cabello: Inspiring data providers
10:00: Saulius Urbanas: A pan-European Core Reference Dataset

International cooperation, Room Okapi 3
09.45: Dominique Laurent: FAQ about Core Data and INSPIRE

National approaches and strategies, Room Okapi 1
11.00: Darko Vucetic: SERBIAN NSDI DIGITAL PLATFORM: Collect. Connect. Create  — Our words for the future
11.30: Antti Jakobsson:  National Geospatial Platforms - A solution to interoperability challenge in Europe

National approaches, strategies and international cooperation, Okapi 3
11:45 Tomaz Petek: Co - ordination within eSpatial program of project in Slovenia challenges regarding to 'cooperation' between public agencies and autorities in Slovenia for the implementation INSPIRE
12:15: Dominik Kopczewski: Open INSPIRE Services – what’s truly possible? 

Users: who are they, what do they do? Room: Gorilla 1
12:00: Abigail Page: Putting the User at the Centre - Experiences in the development of European Location Services 



18th September 2018
21st September 2018
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