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Webinar: INSPIRE Thematic Clusters, March 2015


6th March 2015

Since autumn 2014, the MIF (Maintainance and Implementation Framework) includes INSPIRE Thematic clusters; these clusters are mainly  dedicated to share and consolidate experiences about implementation of INSPIRE specifications and to prepare the potential evolutions of these specifications.

Fortunately, the Thematic clusters of main interest for NMCAs are facilitated by two of our members:

  • Jordi Escriu for thematic cluster 3 or ‘raster topographic cluster’  (RS, GG, EL, OI)
  • Anja Hopfstock for thematic cluster 6  or ‘vector topographic cluster’ (AD, AU, BU, CP, GN, HY, TN)

Anja and Jordi kindly facilitated an INSPIRE KEN webinar on the 6th March 2015. During the webinar they explained the objectives of these clusters, the way their work is organized and how NMCAS may contribute to the cluster activities.
The agenda took the following format:

  • General presentation about thematic clusters : Jordi Escriu
  • State-of-play in vector topographic cluster : Anja
  • State-of-play in  raster topographic cluster :Jordi
  • Summary and Questions
Title Presenter Size/type
Thematic Cluster for Elevation, Orthoimagery Ref systems and Geographical grids Jordi Ecriu 692 kb, PDF
Thematic Cluster for Topographic and Cadastral Reference data Anja Hopfstock 1 MB, PDF
Summary of Engaging Thematic Communities on INSPIRE Thematic Clusters Jordi Escriu 646 kb, PDF
Video record of the webinar   YouTube


6th March 2015