29 September 2020

Case Study Benefits of EuroGeographics Membership

Facilitating access to data

“Ukraine’s inclusion in EuroGeographics’ datasets not only promotes the integration and use of our national data within the European Institutions, but also demonstrates our commitment to international collaboration.”

Oleksii Pinchuk, Head of Directorate for European Integration and International Cooperation, StateGeoCadastre, Ukraine


StateGeoCadastre Ukraine wanted to contribute its data to EuroRegionalMap (ERM), EuroGeographics’ pan-European multi-themed topographic mapping. The 1:250 000 scale dataset is created using harmonised national geospatial information, and StateGeoCadastre had to overcome a series of challenges to ensure its data met the required technical specifications.


Following the adoption of the law on the National Geospatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), StateGeoCadastre is working alongside the Norwegian Mapping Authority on the implementation of the International Geospatial Integrated Framework (IGIF). The IGIF plays a crucial role as the‘handbook’ for creating an NSDI system in Ukraine.

As a result of this work, which includes the development of a state GNSS network and topographic map to ISO: 19100 standards, Ukraine can now provide updated data with the correct thematic attributes to ERM. In addition, the national data is supplied in a format which enables it to be harmonised to ERM’s standard specifications using EuroGeographics unique data integration process.


  • Promotes Ukraine’s national data to new users through its inclusion in a pan-European dataset
  • Enables integration of national data to the European Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Demonstrates Ukraine’s commitment to adopting modern, technical international specifications for data harmonisation.
  • Supports the creation of Integrated Hydrographic Network on the state border.