16 December 2020

Case Study Member National Open Data

New National Data Distributor in service

The Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE) is committed to open data – and has analysed its economic value, demonstrating how open data multiplies the number of users and the value for society.

It is a key contributor to the Danish Digitisation Programme, and through the Basic Data Programme responsible for the national Data Distributor. This one-stop distribution channel, gives access to a range of interoperable basic public data, ranging from information about individuals, businesses and real property, to geospatial data on buildings.

With the Data Distributor, Denmark is now sharing the high quality authoritative Basic Data available, providing the foundation for digital transformation. This will support the creation of innovative and coherent digital solutions across the public and private sector.works to create a core part of the data foundation for growth and development in the Danish society.

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