1 March 2018

Come and Learn About Use of Algorithms on Big DEMs

EuroSDR invites you to a workshop discussing:

“Use of algorithms on big DEMs – Better utilization of national detailed elevation models”

The workshop will be arranged on 4th-5th April 2018 as a noon to noon meeting at the County Governor’s office in Tønsberg, Norway.

We welcome speakers from industry, academia and government.

Possible topics (not in prioritized order): Discuss the use of algorithms on big DEM’s, in the following applications:

  1. Automatic detection of waterbodies in LiDAR
  2. Improvement of hydro network
  3. Mapping of poles and powerlines
  4. Obstacles for aviation – International view ICAO
  5. DEM from image matching – Multispectral Analysis
  6. Copernicus – Creating DTM’s on hydrography
  7. Cloud computing (AWS) – Automatic corrections in preparation of DTM’s
  8. DEM Analysis using Machine or deep Learning Algorithms
  9. New data acquisition techniques and their processing (multispectral ALS, single- photon lidar)

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn and discuss, deadline for submitting abstracts is today 1st March.

More details and practicalities…