12 July 2022

Contributing to major national infrastructure programmes in Sweden

Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority (Lantmäteriet)

“Sweden has now implemented a scalable national infrastructure for exchange of standardised data where digital detailed development plans and 3D buildings are the first datasets.”

Susanne Ås Sivborg, Director General, Swedish Mapping,Cadastral and Land Registration Authority (Lantmäteriet)

Digital detailed development plans and 3D buildings are the first datasets to be created from Sweden’s scalable national infrastructure.

To enable everyone to consume the datasets via machine interface, national specifications have been set and implemented through extensive collaboration between Lantmäteriet, municipalities, other authorities and system vendors.

The entire infrastructure is built on four legal roles: producer, consumer, coordinator, and data hosting.

The infrastructure is also in line with the planned and existing building blocks and ground data framework that is held by the Swedish authority for digitisation.

Agile working has enabled Lantmäteriet to develop several test versions of both specifications and technical solutions. It has also set up an agreement model for producers and consumers. Consumers need only sign the one agreement to get access to data from multiple producers such as municipalities and authorities.


  • Increases sustainability by providing data that can be used for analysis.
  • Increases legal certainty as data is nationally harmonised.
  • Improves efficiency in the exchange of data.
  • Reduced costs as built once and made available for all.
  • Increases accessibility as published as open data.
  • Identifies which land use is permitted within an area.
  • Provides a basis for trying out a building permit.
  • Provides a basis for statistics with the opportunity to automatically generate statistics for Statistics Sweden, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.