7 June 2021

Covid-19 drives increase in use of Hungary’s online services

Lechner Knowledge Center (LTK)

“The Lechner Knowledge Center (LTK) is a professional background institution to the Prime Minister’s Office specialising in architecture, real estate records and GIS. The company’s mission is the digitisation and promotion of the wide range of public services it provides relating to the built environment and spatial data. The company’s activities also include remote sensing, regional planning, and smart city services, as well as tasks involving geodesy, earth observation and cartography. We have managed to fulfill our mission even in the face of the extra challenges posed by COVID-19, which is well demonstrated by the results presented here.”

Jozsef Kolossa, General Director, Lechner Ltd

Due to the spread of COVID-19, online services provided by the Lechner Knowledge Center (LTK) in Hungary became even more significant and widely used in 2020.

The Land Administration Systems served over six million data requests from more than 560,000 users and received more than 250,000 new registrations. In addition, around 75% of all total customer service actions were conducted through the geoshop.hu geoportal. More than 16,000 images were scanned and uploaded to the fentrol.hu Digital Aerial Photo Archive with downloads reaching 23,000.

Launch of first online national base map

The first online national base map, the National Geospatial Map of Hungary (NGMHu), was launched at the beginning of 2021. The first version (NTA 1.0) of NGMHu 1.0 runs on a dedicated website which makes it possible to browse the map without a need for additional software. The OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) can also be accessed directly using GIS.


  • Enables governmental and private stakeholders to access a continuously maintained, reliable geospatial data service free of charge.
  • Incorporates basic thematic national data such as administrative boundaries, generalised blocks of land parcels, buildings derived from a cadastral database available at LTK, geonames, transport or hydrography networks (created by LTK based on remote sensing data).
  • Contains general land use/land cover information for Hungary.
  • Uses a standardised, easy-to-understand style, a legend similar to topographic and other widely used maps, and predefined known scales (e.g. 1:10,000, 1:20,000, etc.) in the Hungarian projection system (EOV).

Preventive Crime Statistics Database (PRE-STAT)

Completion of the GIS web application, Preventive Crime Statistics Database (PRE-STAT) was also achieved in 2020. Basic data content is obtained from the databases of Robotzsaru (‘RoboCop’), ENyÜBS (unified criminal investigation and prosecution crime statistics system) and TeIR (national territorial development and spatial planning information system).


Enables the creation of thematic maps:

  • On the level of settlements, police departments, townships, counties and regions.
  • From absolute and relative economic, social (TeIR) and criminal data (ENyÜBS).
  • Based on a certain time or the change within a given time period.
  • Displays crime data (Robotzsaru) on a street-level dot density map.
  • Creates its own indicators, saving completed maps.
  • Displays data on diagrams and compares the values of different territorial units.
  • Displays surveillance camera data on the street-level map of District VIII, Budapest