8 June 2021

Cyprus DLS-Portal, a Model for Geospatial Innovation

Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS) Cyprus

“This innovative on-line platform is based on an Integrated Land Information System which includes more than 350 ISO regularly monitored and certified procedures. It is a focal point in the history of modern cadastre and geospatial information, and the culmination of a long time effort of the Department to provide e-services to citizens and integration of geospatial information”.

Andreas Hadjiraftis, Chief Lands Officer, Member of EuroGeographics Management Board.

DLS-Portal is a pioneering online services platform developed by the Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS), which has received one of Cyprus’ highest distinctions, and was named best Public Sector Innovation by the Federation of Employers and Industrialists (OEB) Innovation and Research Awards.

DLS-Portal is the first and largest online electronic library of geographic and descriptive information, in Cyprus, and is considered to be one of the best European Cadastral and Geospatial information provider. It provides access to the Department’s information and enables citizens to submit online applications, export data and catalogues, direct access and download maps, subscribe to services, and more. At the same time, it is a model for the implementation of INSPIRE Directive and collects a variety of geospatial data from several Departments and Services of the State.

DLS-Portal consists of four main pillars:

  • Citizen Portal: Dynamic front page providing a variety of information and services.
  • Electronic Application Submission and Tracking System.
  • Interactive Maps providing the ability to navigate to properties and geospatial features through a free on-line application, providing the flexibility to select any combination of information from a great variety of available GIS layers.
  • INSPIRE Geoportal. 


  • Whole concept is based on a 24/7 fast and friendly service.
  • Provides a variety of information and services, including the electronic submission and tracking of applications, via the dynamic front page of the Citizen Portal.
  • Access to interactive maps allows users to navigate to properties and geospatial features and select any combination of information from the GIS layers.
  • Contributes to the delivery and expansion of open data.
  • Saves resources and time for the Department and citizens by eliminating time-consuming bureaucratic procedures.
  • Provides an infrastructure for fast COVID-19 monitoring, and emergency services response.
  • Improves public service transparency, reduction of bureaucracy, and promotion of equal treatment.
  • Strengthens market and economic development.
  • Builds on interoperability of data between IT applications.