8 June 2021

Development of Covid-19 Track and Trace System with real-time data

Hellenic Military Geographical Service

“The Hellenic Military Geographical Service (HMGS), consistent with its socially responsible role, developed real-time geospatial applications in support of state entities that battle COVID-19. These applications facilitated the decision making process and assisted in mitigating the spread of the pandemic by offering statistical analysis tools and qualitative data.”

HMGS Commander Col. Kalenterides Kimon, Hellenic Military Geographical Service

The Hellenic Military Geographical Service has developed a geospatial recording and monitoring system that relays Covid-19 data in real-time to scientific collaborators.

With the outbreak of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, the Region of Attica in cooperation with the Athens Medical Association decided to conduct diagnostic sample testing. Samples were taken by mobile units consisting of medical and nursing personnel. The initial design was such that the mobile units that carried out sampling, recorded their results in an excel sheet, meaning that personnel had to stay in potential hotspots for large amounts of time. Additionally, a substantial amount of time was needed to process the data.

To improve the data collection process by the mobile units, the Hellenic Military Geographical Service, in cooperation with the Athens Medical Association and the Region of Attica, developed a geospatial recording and monitoring system for Covid-19 cases. The object of the application, used by medical personnel in the mobile units, is quick data collection and real-time relay of the data to scientific collaborators, so that appropriate measures can be taken.


  • Increases safety of medical and nursing personnel by reducing the time spent in outbreak hotspots.
  • Reduces processing time for questionnaires given and collected by personnel.
  • Any data put into the application is available real-time to the Operations Center of the Athens Medical Association.
  • Offers a wide range of tools for statistical data analysis.
  • Supervision of viral spread and epidemiological monitoring of the pandemic is achieved.
  • Potential viral hotspots are viewed on a cartographic background.