8 June 2021

Establishing a Spatial Data Infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs (FGA)

“Various projects in the field of land registration and administration have been implemented in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), resulting in a large amount of geospatial data. Data is kept in different institutions, which complicates access, as well as obtaining complete and specific information. For the faster connection of institutions, and thus the information they have, the FBiH decided to follow European experience in creating a common legal and technical framework for data integration – the establishment of a Spatial Data Infrastructure in accordance with the INSPIRE Directive.”

Željko Obradović, Director & President of SDI Council, Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs (FGA)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) continues to take significant steps forward in the development of its Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).

Together with the Council and Working Groups, the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs (FGA) is responsible for establishing and maintaining the SDI.

The establishment of the SDI is a long-term process that will enhance the modernisation and efficiency of public administration, provide a basis for economic development, and enabl easier data manipulation, use and availability.

It is planned to further harmonise data, improve cooperation between state institutions, as well as knowledge, skills and improve capacities for the dissemination of spatial data, and to provide high-level hardware and software components. Adoption of the new law on SDI is currently in the adoption phase and will represent the legislative framework of the SDI, and ultimately contribute to easier accession to the European Union.


  • Data for 12 datasets has been harmonised according to INSPIRE standard.
  • GIS Browser of the SDI Geoportal was published with the support of the Government of the Federation of BiH.
  • The GIS Browser, together with the Catalogue of Metadata, the Register of IPP Sources and Subjects, as well as the SDI website, form one unit that represents the SDI Geoportal of the Federation of BiH.
  • The metadata catalogue contains all metadata about the displayed spatial data, with 19 metadata entered so far.
  • 54 SDI subjects and 109 data sources have been registered in the SDI Registers.
  • All applications are accessed through the official website: https://ippfbih.gov.ba.
  • Address data have been published for the first time on the SDI Geoportal with accompanying metadata for one third of municipalities that completed the establishment of the Address Register, which is established in cooperation with local self-governments and supported with donations from the Swedish government.