8 June 2021

Increasing efficiency with new ways of working during Covid 19

Danish Geodata Agency (DGA)

“The Danish Geodata Agency’s (DGA) employees have been incredibly professional and have quickly adapted to the new reality of working from home. The success is based on the digital transformation in property registration that has been going on since the 1980’s and infrastructure was prepared for it.”

Pia Dahl Højgaard, Director, Danish Geodata Agency

The Danish Geodata Agency (DGA) has significantly reduced the backlog of cadastral changes to be registered, despite employees working from home as a result of Covid-19.

Due to its well-developed digital infrastructure and qualified employees, the quick and efficient transition to homeworking was completed in just one day. Resources were allocated to provide all employees with a well-functioning IT workplace in their home. Although not physically present in the office, people remain connected and continue to share knowledge through virtual meetings.

DGA has fully digitised its property registration and formation management. As a result of this transformation to full digital management, the cases and data for updating the cadaster are now fully digital and exchanged digitally between DGA’s employees, the registered land surveyors and the municipalities.

  • The case processing time has decreased from 101 days (as of January 2020) to 37 days (as of January 2021).
  • The number of backlog cases waiting to be processed is significantly smaller.
  • Citizens and companies experience faster processing of cadastral cases, which benefits the whole society.
  • Full digital exchange of cadaster update information.
  • Virtual meetings focus on joint problem-solving and knowledge sharing among employees, tremendously increasing competence.