11 July 2022

Increasing use of open spatial data in Poland through award-winning services

Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK)

“The pandemic period has shown that it is impossible to function efficiently without computerisation. From the geodesy point of view, there has been an impulse to accelerate digitisation…”

Waldemar Izdebski Surveyor General of Poland, Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK)

More people than ever before accessed Poland’s Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK) geoportal.gov.pl service in 2021. With nearly 10 million users, the service recorded a 25% increase in visitors from 2020 and almost twice as many downloads of open spatial data (605 TB).

GUGiK’s commitment to facilitating access to official spatial data was internationally recognised by the Geospatial World Innovation Awards 2021 where it won the Spatial Data Infrastructure category for its geoportal.gov.pl. At European level, the technically innovative solutions used in geoportal.gov.pl were acknowledged by the European Commission as a ‘Good Practice Candidate’ for building one access point to dispersed data sources and making spatial data easily accessible via WMS.

To allow users to access a wide range of spatial data without any restrictions, a number of new services have been released via geoportal.gov.pl, and training sessions have been held to enable almost 5 000 employees from the Polish administration sector to benefit from the data.

Training was also provided for more than 100 people from Moldova’s public administration and private sector under the Twinning project ‘Improving Spatial Data Services in the Republic of Moldova following EU standards’. The project is implemented by a consortium of Croatia, the Netherlands and Poland.

The past year has also seen a significant reduction in the volume of legal acts. Due to the amendment of the Geodetic and Cartographic Law, 14 new regulations were issued in 2021. Of the original 2,504 pages of legislation, only 567 pages remain – a reduction of almost 80%.


  • Provides a tool in geoportal.gov.pl for analysis of topographic data (BDOT10k). Additionally, GUGiK has released a QGIS plug-in enabling visualization of Topographic Objects Database (BDOT10k) and Database of General Geographical Objects (BDOO).
  • Enables all geodetic documentation to be submitted in electronic form in accordance with regulations. In 2021, nearly 1.2 million technical geodetic documents were accepted.
  • Facilitates data use in many websites and services (i.a. e-budownictwo.gunb.gov.pl, e-rolnik.gov.pl) through widespread popularity of integrated network services provided by GUGiK. For example KIEG (National Integration of Land Records), KIUT (National Integration of Underground Utilities), KIMP (National Integration of Local Spatial Development Plans), ULDK (Service of Location of Cadastral parcels).
  • Promotes initiatives in to create innovative projects such as Korona Gór Polski 3d (kgp3d.amu.edu.pl/) or Krajowa Mapa Koron Drzew (mapadrzew.com) which were recently awarded for ‘The best use of data and services provided by Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in 2021’.