29 June 2022

Maintaining services and improving efficiency in Denmark despite challenges caused by Covid

Danish Geodata Agency (DGA)

“Activity in the real estate sector has been high in 2021, although society has been characterised by uncertainty and shutdowns. The employees at the Danish Geodata Agency (DGA) have not been hampered in their work during the shutdowns. They have worked just as efficiently as in other years, and by 2021 have registered more than 20,000 new properties whilst also maintaining our processing time thanks to new employees.”

Pia Dahl Højgaard, Director General, Danish Geodata Agency (DGA)
The Danish Geodata Agency (DGA) registered more than 20,000 new properties in 2021 whilst also maintaining its processing time and improving efficiency.

Even though employees were forced to work at home due to the on-going pandemic, the Agency was able to meet demand through digitisation and by hiring more coworkers.

As a result, it has registered almost the same number of properties as in the years before the pandemic. The increased demand for housing due to a strong Danish economy and general sense of optimism is reflected in the DGA’s work: When there is optimism, properties are subdivided, and when the economy stagnates, areas are transferred.


  • Continued to deliver business as usual despite challenges presented by Covid 19.
  • Maintained levels of service and processing time.
  • Put in place processes that enabled employees to work quickly and efficiently even from home.
  • Continued to register properties in pace with demand.