8 June 2021

Putting data sharing platform at heart of national Covid-19 response

Ordnance Survey Ireland

“When we look back in months to come, there will doubtless be many lessons that we can learn, as a country, from our experiences with COVID-19.  However, we can already appreciate the key role that geospatial data and apps have played in keeping people informed about a fast-changing situation, revealing patterns and trends and giving people the information they need to make confident, though difficult decisions.”

Colin Bray, CEO & Chief Survey Officer, Ordnance Survey Ireland

When a rapid response to the Covid-19 pandemic was required, the national mapping agency, Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) was ready with data – and an easy way for everyone to access it.

GeoHive is an interactive, online platform that provides easy access to OSi data. By putting it at the heart of Ireland’s Covid-19 data hub, it enables vital collaboration through data sharing, visualisation and analysis.

The public dashboard receives an average of 10,000 hits per day and is updated daily to provide a visual overview of number of cases and deaths, as well as hotspots. A secure dashboard for users such as the National Public Health Emergency Team, Chief Medical Officer, and the Prime Minister’s office, provides daily insight on key indicators needed for critical decisions.

  • Collects, standardises and analyses COVID-19 data from a variety of sources to reveal insights, patterns and trends.
  • Saves time and costs – data is collected once, updated daily and used many times.
  • Delivers the data people need, in a format that they understand.
  • Easy to use, visual overview of number of cases and deaths, as well as hotspots – receives an average of 10,000 hits public per day.
  • Secure dashboard for Government & Public Health Services provides daily insight on key indicators for critical decisions.
  • Enables people to take action to ensure their safety by seeing and understanding local risks.
  • Enables the coordination and targeting of community support for vulnerable people by providing key data such as calls concerning social isolation.
  • Reassured Government of the declining risks associated with reopening retail businesses and supports Ireland’s Roadmap for Reopening by showing the locations of retail units, their type, size and number of employees.