7 June 2021

Providing access to national geographic information for a wide range of uses

Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Republic of North Macedonia

“We have a mandate as national provider of geographic information to provide all users with geospatial data for the Republic of North Macedonia. We contribute to higher transparency and use of the geospatial information in the central and  local government, where spatial data is required for spatial planning, social services, and transport networks as well as forming the basis for various other activities.”

Boris Tundzev, Director, Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Republic of North Macedonia

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Republic of North Macedonia in 2020 redesigned the national geoportal.

Enhancements to the national spatial data infrastructure geoportal enable the review and use of spatial data through web-oriented services and interoperable infrastructure. More than 160 metadata services and 79 web services, including 82 collections of spatial data can be accessed following the redesign, which took into account the products available, the needs of users, administrative and business aspect, and strategic goals.

LiDAR scanning data is also available through the LiDAR portal. Products covering 46% of the Republic of North Macedonia are created using the data from

LiDAR scanning. The portal offers options for visualising Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), Hillshade DTM, Hillshade DSM, raster models for the slope of the terrain, and also metadata of the products. The second phase of the LiDAR project to prepare products for the rest of the territory of the country is now underway with the support of the Norwegian government.


  • Promotes use of national spatial data via online services and interoperable infrastructure.
  • Gives access to the services.
  • Provides various possibilities for visualising LiDAR data in different coordinate systems, selecting locations for purchasing LiDAR products, and other spatial data management tools.
  • Realises benefits for crisis management, environmental protection, spatial planning, engineering geodesy, agriculture, defence and other areas where geospatial data is used.