8 June 2021

Putting open data on the map to stimulate economic growth in Poland

Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography

“We provide data from the Central Geodetic and Cartographic Resource free of charge and without any restrictions. Data release stimulates economic growth by creating new jobs and encouraging investment in industry and business.”

Waldemar Izdebski, Surveyor General of Poland, Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography

Significant changes, including the launch of new open data, were acheived as a result of the amendment of the Polish Geodetic and Cartographic Law.

Data from the Central Geodetic and Cartographic Resource is now freely available for download from www.geoportal.gov.pl. Open datasets include topographic data (BDOT10k), orthoimagery, digital elevation model (DEM), laser scanning (LiDAR), digital terrain model (DTM), geodetic control networks data, basic data on parcels and buildings. Users can download any required data, without any limitations. The opening of spatial data improves data availability for citizens and boosts the development of businesses using authoritative spatial data. By shortening the time needed to update data in the land and buildings registers, the amendment also helps to faster implementation of the investment project.


  • Significantly improves geodetic and cartographic activities and allows wide access to spatial data.
  • Eliminates bureaucracy in geodetic activities such as licence applications and supplementary declarations.
  • Improves the data update process in the land and buildings registers.
  • Reduces time needed to complete procedures related to geodetic works, enabling earlier completion of the investment project.
  • Significantly increases use of geoportal.gov.pl website, which had 5.46 million users in 2020 –  38% more compared to 2019. The website is ranked 3rd most visited government portals.
  • Achieved record use of the integrated service KIEG, which provides cadastral data (cadastral parcels and buildings) – in 2020 there were 2.14 billion calls, an increase of more than 40% compared to 2019.
  • The geoportal.gov.pl service provides a LIDAR point cloud viewer.
  • More than 320 TB data have been downloaded since the spatial data was released. Instructions for downloading data can be found on the Head Office Geodesy and Cartography YouTube channel. It is possible to easily download this data via WMS service through geoportal.gov.pl