4 July 2022

Supporting urban and spatial planning in Hungary with online geospatial system

Lechner Knowledge Center

“E-TÉR is the most complex online geospatial system we have developed so far!”

József Kolossa DLA CEO of Lechner Knowledge Center

The Lechner Knowledge Center’s new framework to support urban and spatial planning is the most complex online geospatial system ever to be developed in Hungary. The Electronic Spatial and Urban Planning Support System (E-TÉR) brings together the entire process of creating spatial and urban plans on a central platform. It provides complete digital support – from planning and negotiation to applicable plans.

The development of the three modules (Information, Reconciliation, Planner) of the E-TÉR web application is part of the vision for innovative renewal of the construction system. The E-TÉR system is supported by the European Union, co-financed by the European Social Fund under the auspices of the KÖFOP-1.0.0-VEKOP-15-2016-00037 project ‘Building a 3D-based data infrastructure’.


  • Enables online planning and consultation with interactive maps for towns and municipalities, regional and urban planning experts.
  • Provides planners with access to geospatial and other databases as a starting point and reference point, ensuring that the entire hierarchy of national, priority regional, county, and urban plans are interlinked, and sectoral decisions are taken into account.
  • Enables everyone to access maps and attachments of national and priority regional spatial plans, the module's web map interface also provides access to county spatial plans and, in the future, will also include settlement plans superimposed on these.
  • Consultation on the web serves the official communication of the administrative bodies involved in the coordination of regional and urban plans in social and legal terms.
  • Helps decision-makers and the public by providing easy access to territorial and municipal regulatory information, and also a clear overview of the most important requirements for land use on the map application.
  • Supports creation of plans by providing vector maps of settlement and spatial plans, as well as a web interface for planning.