General Assembly 2019

Background and Papers

The General Assembly will commence at 19.00 on Sunday 6th October with a welcome drinks reception at the Midland Hotel, Manchester, the venue for this year’s General Assembly. It will formally conclude at lunchtime on Wednesday 9th October, after completion of the Formal business of the Association. 

At this year's General Assembly we will be seeking a mandate for our journey and direction of travel in 2020. We hope therefore that the papers below will help you prepare for our discussions and roundtables.

Please note papers 2, 3, 4 and 5 are for members only.

1.  GA 2019 Agend
2. GA 2019 strategy cover note
2a. GA2019 Data Access and Integration Strategy 
2b.GA2019 Representation Strategy
2c. GA2019 Knowledge Exchange Strategy
2d. GA2019 Membership and Engagement Plan
2e. GA2019 Strategy roundtable session briefing for members
3. GA2019 Management Board Report
4. GA2019 2020 Operating Plan, Budget and Subscriptions
5. GA2019 Election of Management Board Members
6. GA2019 KEN Activity Report
7. The National Response Roundtables briefing for members
7a. SDGS
7b. Open data and PSI Directive
7c. Disruptive Technologies
7d. Innovative Cadastre Member examples
7e. Business Transformation
7f. i Copernicus newsletter article
7f. ii Copernicus newsletter article

Practical Information and more details about the General Assembly, including how to register is available on the EuroGeographics 2019 General Assembly website.

Minutes and Presentations

Minutes of the 2019 General Assembly

Presentations of the 2019 General Assembly:

No Title Presenter Size  [MB]
1 Geospatial Commission Nigel Clifford 0.9
2 Outline of Agenda and setting the scene Mick Cory 2
3 Connecting people and places Chris Pope 3.3
4 Improved (digital) data and proccesses in Cadastral System Maja Pupacic 4.5
5 Evolution of the Italian cadastral cartographic system Arturo Angelini (Marco Selleri) 5.8
6 The example of use for the detection of tax fraud Amalia Velasco 3.1
7 Insight into the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency Martins Liberts 2.5
8 A multipurpose cadastral system is a central tool in Danish land management Pia Dahl Hojgaard 0.4
9 How NLS Finland established the cadastre as a platform to provide information from other authorities to users Arvo Kokkonen 0.6
10 Open data & crowd sourcing Tambet Tiits 1.7
11 Geocoding Service for Addresses and Geonames Marcus Wandinger 0.8
12 Past & FUTURE Alan Howie 0.5
13 Knowledge Buzz Sallie Payne 0.6


No Title Presenter Size   [MB]
1 Open Data policy and legislation in the EU:  latest developments Szymon Lewandowski 0.6
2 Challenges, Changes & Opportunities Stefan Jensen 1.7
3 Trends and future developments in Earth Observation Gordon Campbell 8.9
4 The International response – Europe Anne-Cathrine Frøstrup 6
5 Challenges, Changes and Opportunities The International Response - Global Greg Scott 5.6
6 The International Response - Global Paul Smith 4
7 The International Cartographic Association Tim Trainor 3.5
8 Challenges, Changes and Opportunities
Colin Bray 0.5
9 Trust and Value of Authoritative Data Andreas Hadjiraftis 0.3
10 Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency Kristian Møller 0.2
11 EuroGeographics strategy: vision from non-EU member Dmytro Makarenko 0.4
12 EuroGeographics: a cooperative partnership Sylvain Latarget 0.5
13 Innovation Programmes and what we’re learning … David Henderson 0.8
14 Access to and use of data Martin Salzmann 0.8
15 The Spanish cadastre Amalia Velasco 0.5
16 Ordnance Survey Ireland Colin Bray 1.9
17 EuroGeographics Strategy update Mick Cory 1.3


No Title Presenter Size   [MB]
1 The integration of geospatial and statistical data for European statistics Christine Wirtz 2.8
2 Formal Business of EuroGeographics AISBL Mick Cory 1.7
3 Management Board Report to the 2019 General Assembly          Speech Colin Bray 1.2
4 Strategic Direction 2020 and Beyond 
Colin Bray 0.15
5 Looking forward to 2020 - The General Assembly in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Zeljko Obradovic 4
6 General Assembly 2019
Colin Bray 0.2