CANCELLED: INSPIRE Conference 2020

EuroGeographics will be attending the 2020 INSPIRE Conference: Bringing sustainability and digitalisation together.

Webinar: INSPIRE by inspiration

The INSPIRE KEN is organising a webinar, aiming to present experiences from countries or organisations that do not have to apply INSPIRE  by law ( by obligation) but who have decided  (or who are envisaging to do so) on voluntary basis to adopt at least parts of INSPIRE rules, principles, components, ….  in their national laws or practices.

Expected outcomes:

  • to remind the benefits of INSPIRE to countries who are struggling to implement it (and who see more the efforts and issues than the advantages)
  • to encourage other countries to be more INSPIREd !


A recording of the webinar will be made available shortly.

The webinar is open to everyone.

PolKEN webinar on INSPIRE


Following the meeting of the INSPIRE Committee and the MIG-P group, held by the European Commission, Policy KEN has held a dedicated webinar in order to update the members of EuroGeographics on the latest developments and outcomes of the proceedings.

The webinar took place on the 7th of December and attended by 22 participants.

Ewa Surma – Polish INSPIRE National Contact Point and PolKEN’s rapporteur on Commission activities relating to implementation of INSPIRE legislation, monitoring and reporting on the SDI as well as related issues, presented following topics that were discussed at the meeting, including:

·        Changes and revision of Monitoring and Reporting Decision
·        Possible revision of the Implementing rules on data interoperability
·        Need for spatial data at the Eu level
·        Proposal on core datasets
·        Sharing INSPIRE data and services
·        Data-service linking in INSPIRE

For details please see the presentation or the recording of the webinar:

Presentation - MIGPupdatePolKen12 2018ES

Recording - click here




INSPIRE 2018 – Make It Work Together

EuroGeographics and Members at INSPIRE 2018

Tuesday 18 September

National approaches and strategy, Room Okapi 2
15:15: Antonio Arozarena: Current Needs of Geospatial Reference Information (GRI) in Public Policies. National, Continental and Global approach (bottom - up)

Other applications, Room Gorilla 1
15:15: Marcin Grudzień: CAPAP – a way to make spatial information more popular

Wednesday 19 September

Merging statistics and geospatial information – Doing it together , Room Gorilla 1
16:00: Pier-giorgio Zaccheddu: UN-GGIM: Europe – the combination of geospatial data with statistical data for SDG indicator under a geospatial lens
16:15: Dominique Laurent: Core geographic data designed to fulfil the requirements of the statistical community

Thursday 20 September

National approaches and strategies, Room Gorilla 1
14:15: Nathalie Delattre: The Belgian federal geo - platform , INSPIRE and environmental approaches
14:45: Eydís Líndal Finnbogadótti: How do you implement INSPIRE with 4 people

Best practice – validation, Room Okapi 1
17:00: Dominique Laurent: Validation of INSPIRE data
17:15: Nathalie Delattre: The Belgian federal geo - platform , creating INSPIRE datasets , options and lessons learnt

Friday 21 September

Fitness for purpose, Room Okapi 2
09.30: Maria Cabello: Inspiring data providers
10:00: Saulius Urbanas: A pan-European Core Reference Dataset

International cooperation, Room Okapi 3
09.45: Dominique Laurent: FAQ about Core Data and INSPIRE

National approaches and strategies, Room Okapi 1
11.00: Darko Vucetic: SERBIAN NSDI DIGITAL PLATFORM: Collect. Connect. Create  — Our words for the future
11.30: Antti Jakobsson:  National Geospatial Platforms - A solution to interoperability challenge in Europe

National approaches, strategies and international cooperation, Okapi 3
11:45 Tomaz Petek: Co - ordination within eSpatial program of project in Slovenia challenges regarding to 'cooperation' between public agencies and autorities in Slovenia for the implementation INSPIRE
12:15: Dominik Kopczewski: Open INSPIRE Services – what’s truly possible? 

Users: who are they, what do they do? Room: Gorilla 1
12:00: Abigail Page: Putting the User at the Centre - Experiences in the development of European Location Services 


Webinar: INSPIRE KEN: UN-GGIM: Europe core data and fundamental data

This event is a Eurogeographics activity.

UN-GGIM has launched two Working Groups on reference data, one at international level on global fundamental data themes and one at European level on core data themes. The webinar “Update on the UN-GGIM activities towards reference data" provides a progress report in these two initiatives and the relation with the INSPIRE implementations.