PolKEN webinar on High Value Datasets

DG CNECT have circulated a message to the members of PSI Group and of the Open Data Committee assigned by Member States asking them to identify, and communicate back by 2 December 2019, those datasets that are already considered (based on the available evidence or experience) as High Value Datasets in the themes indicated in the Annex to the Directive, namely: Geospatial;  Earth Observation and environment and Meteorological.

The webinar held on 30 October 2019 enabled our members to exchange knowledge on their approach to this matter.

Agenda of the meeting:          

  1. Welcome; Introduction & purpose of the meeting
  2. Update – from EuroGeographics. Presentation is available here.
  3. Round table – update from participants and views on: “to what extent do members want EG to coordinate a combined position on HVD to the Commission”.  Summary of the round table discussion is available here.
  4. Conclusion and next steps.

If you have further queries please do not hesitate to contact marjana.zelic@eurogeographics.org