QKEN Spring Plenary Meeting 2019

The QKEN Spring Plenary 2019 was hosted by NGI Belgium at their offices on the 24 - 26 April 2019

Further information about the venue and how to get around Brussels can be found here.

The meeting agenda is available, please note that this may be updated.


Title Author Size/Type
Opening of the meeting and welcome by NGI Belgium Ingrid Vanden Berghe  
News from Head Office Carol Agius 1MB, PDF
Official Index of Street names (Switzerland) Stefan Flury  11.6KB, PDF
Quality of Street names (Netherlands) Anouk Huisman-van Zijp  1KB, PDF
Document Digitising Process Rod Else 2MB, PDF
ELS Update (presentation available after mid-May) Mick Cory  
Quality management in the National topographic database of Finland Ulla Pyysalo 2MB, PDF
New ERM Validator 1.0 (Netherlands, Germany) Anouk Huisman-van Zijp, Alex Reichelt 1MB, PDF
Quality Assessment of our reference database and our quality control methods through field survey (Belgium)

Karin Mertens

Michel Baltus

Automatic quality control in the new production environment (Spain) Gonzalo Moreno Vergara 3MB, PDF
Volunteered quality checking of the geodetic control point Tamás Palya 4MB, PDF
National Presentations Tamás Palya  3.5MB, PDF

Host Presentations:

Trends in the Geo-spatial world, and how to react to them as a NMA

Ingrid Vanden Berghe 4.7MB, PDF
Organising the NATO Summit 2018 Rink Kruk 2MB, PDF