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Webinar Series – Data integration, Paving the way for new markets – Challenges and recommendations


24th February 2022 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am CET

This webinar is a joint EuroGeographics / UN-GGIM: Europe Working Group Data Integration event.

Please find below a description of the event and the agenda:

Data integration – Paving the way for new markets
Challenges and recommendations
Don’t you think that your spatial data products have a traditional purpose and serve for your identified markets? Learn how other nations enable interaction and open up new information markets.
(page 14 ff in the DataIntegration document)

Don’t you think that wherever you go, you pass information? You can collect it by adding “geographic numbers” (coordinates) and share it with others. The method of spatial join and some examples are given in the document.
(page 18 ff in the DataIntegration document )

Don’t you think that the combination of different data sources occurs permanently? Many of us need to establish these procedures from time to time. What has to be considered when establishing a sustainable data integration process?
(page 22 ff in the DataIntegration document)


Join us as the UN-GGIM: Europe Working Group on Data Integration demonstrates the use of data integration methods, enhancing collaboration across authorities. The webinar guides through the recently published document “Data Integration Methods – Analysis of future trends in geospatial data capture, creation, maintenance and management” and highlights recommendations for increased application of good practices.

The webinar is intended to focus on three aspects: (1) the importance of data integration, (2) main tools, methods and requirements as well as (3) recommendations to enable data integration processes.

Interaction and knowledge exchange are important in this webinar and may guide further activities of the Working Group. This webinar is open to NMCAs and NSIs.


  • Welcome and introduction to slido, Carol Agius, EuroGeographics/ UN-GGIM: Europe Secretariat
  • Intention of the webinar – Why/What/How – Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, BKG, Germany
  • Introduction: Why is data integration meaningful? A fictitious perspective from a Director General – Scenario introduced by Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, BKG, Germany
  • Slido poll
  • Methods: What tools and requirements enable data integration – a fictitious perspective from a Data Provider – Scenario introduced by Markus Jobst, BEV, Austria
  • Slido poll
  • Recommendations: How can we enable data integration processes – a fictitious perspective from a Senior Manager- Scenario introduced by Nathalie Delattre, NGI Belgium
  • Slido poll
  • Key messages retained from the discussion
  • Resumé – Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, BKG, Germany

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The presentation can be found here.

Webinar recording (Opens in YouTube)



24th February 2022
10:30 am - 11:30 am CET