26 February 2020

A shared ambition for geospatial in Europe

Colin Bray, President of EuroGeographics and Chief Executive of Ordnance Survey Ireland, and Mick Cory, Secretary General and Executive Director of EuroGeographics, visited Paul Becker, the Director General of BKG, the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy for the German government.

The role of BKG today and tomorrow was outlined by Prof. Dr. Becker, including the creation of their International Division, assisted by Pier-Giorgo Zaccheddu, Head of International Affairs, and Martin Lenk Executive Director of the Geoinformation Department. 

There was also very productive exchange of views and ideas on the future direction of EuroGeographics, and the challenges of achieving sustainable production of pan-European data in the new open data policy environment.  It was agreed that these constructive and engaging discussions were of particular importance to the shared ambition of a more coherent and coordinated approach to geospatial matter across Europe, and that the discussion should be followed up with some practical steps in near future on behalf of wide range of geospatial interests in Europe.