18 May 2020

Annual Review 2019 published online

EuroGeographics 2019 Annual Review is now available online.

As well as an update on our activities as the Association of European National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authorities,, 32 members have also submitted use cases covering topics such as open data, digital and business transformation, geoportal development, positioning, quality and interoperability. Each case study is also available in the member’s entry in our online directory, and on the members’ case study page.

EuroGeographics' President, Colin Bray said: "Data from official national sources is important because it supports a range of legal, fiscal, security and other public administrative purposes, and provides reliable, consistent context and clarity to information about people and places."

"The case studies contained in this review odemonstrate the great personal, societal and economic importance of our members’ data. They continue to fulfil the essential role of providing official and detailed geospatial, or location, information for important public purposes."